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Le Liu is a young Chinese emerging artist born in 1996. He joined the 5th London Art Biennale, Affordable Art Fair London 2022 to 2023 and he was selected shortlist of the British Art Prize 2022. 3 Finalist of British Antique Dealers Association Art Prize. Le gained a BA in Fine Art in 2019 at Hubie University at Wuhan, and Master in Letters in Fine Art from The Glasgow School of Art UK, in 2021. He works and lives in Glasgow.

Liu's dramatic canvases, adorned with vibrant acrylics and impasto oils in a myriad of hues, exude lavishness that echoes the fantastical mythologies inspiring their subjects. Drawing inspiration from classical mythology, Liu pays homage to artistic traditions while reimagining these classical themes through a contemporary lens. Departing from strict realism, his daring twist in colour and vibrancy uncovers overlooked elements, deviating from the expected focal points. Notably, his artistic choice to remove the heads of figures in these scenes adds a thought-provoking dimension. Liu's work invites us to reconsider the timeless narratives with a fresh perspective, embracing the interplay between tradition and innovation.

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